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The Dave Good Band

The Dave Good Band is a Blues Rock band, playing a mixture of original material
and Dave’s takes on classic songs.

The artists covered include Stevie Ray Vaughn, Bad Company, Freddie King, Paul Rogers, Seal, Johnny Winter, Little Feet, Free and of course Jimi Hendrix.


Dave Good

Dave Good has written some new material as well as playing rock and blues classics.

Dave Good’s first paid gig was age 13. He grew up on Jimi Hendrix and the Stones, Freddie King and Peter Green. MC5, The Rev Billy Gibbons, Jeff Beck, and Rory Gallagher. Later on EVH, Mike Stern, of course, SRV coloured his sound. Dave Good is proud to have formed and played in numerous bands with his longtime friend Chris Ousey, in addition to playing with Em Kay (Blacklist Union) and Aziz Ibrahim (Simply Red, Asia).

The Dave Good Band has taken a unique and hardworking approach to the current songs. They have a dynamic and audience involved set. They do songs that other bands don’t, in a manner that even fewer attempt. When they play live they really ‘go for it’!



Dave Good was the first guitarist I played in a band with and it was obvious from those early days, that here was a guy who was going to soak up the musical influences that surrounded him and constantly improve his technique. Over the intervening years he’s done just that and more. An unusually diverse guitarist who continues to surprise and delight me with his ongoing musical projects.

Chris Ousey

Veteran bluesman, Dave Good, has all the hallmarks of a man who has been there, played the gig, and bought the merchandise. An experienced live performer, and further down the never ending road of ‘finding the ultimate tone’ than I, his playing speaks of his great musical taste; you can clearly hear the influences of Carlos Santana, Jeff Beck, mid-era Eric Clapton (when he was still great), Peter Green, BB King, Gary Moore, Jimi Hendrix to name only a few. Modest and tasteful licks, adding to (but never overshadowing) the song being represented

Jon Boydon

Dave Good manages to cross seamlessly from the down home acoustic blues through Chicago and on to Rock Blues. All played with taste and conviction. Norman Beaker is a Blues Guitar Player and has toured and recorded with many blues artists including Graham Bond, Jack Bruce, Chuck Berry,Jimmy Rogers, Alexis Korner, Buddy Guy, Lowell Fulson, Fenton Robinson and B. B. King. Beaker has toured regularly with Chris Farlowe, Larry Garner and Van Morrison. He has contributed as a session guitarist to many recordings including Jack Bruce, Lowell Fulson, James Booker and Van Morrison.

Norman Beaker

Dave Good’s playing and demand on the guitar always makes you stand to attention. Also his focus to detail with stylistic solos always impresses.

Robin Burrows

Dave Good is a cool player, known him since school days… – we all know he loves the blues guitar ”soundway”, from Chicago to Austin, but Dave is just as happy messing with Mike Stern tones. Check Dave out… I have. Peace. Aziz Ibrahim

Aziz Ibrahim

I have had the privilege of knowing and playing with Dave Good for over 20 years. He is a great blues player of the tone and melody variety. Very reminiscent of Stevie Ray Vaughan and Hendrix in his style. He avidly absorbs other styles and sounds. Over the years Dave has been a catalyst for players too, very proactive finding gigs and performance opportunity for all he’s involved with artistically. Humble, reliable, helpful and creates a really nice environment in which to work. Neil Shaw is a multi-instrumentalist, professional musician and musical director.

Neil Shaw


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